Monday, September 17, 2012

Catching up on Half Pounders and Carp

It's been a while since my last post, although I have been fishing a little. I was in Wisconsin for a wedding, no time to fish. Then I was in Kansas City opening our new Leawood, KS location for an entire week. In between all of this my fiance and I have been planning our own wedding.
I got out to the Lower American on Sept 2nd with a couple of friends to see if we could hook up with some of the half pounders that were said to be in the river. I landed one nice true half pounder (about 15 inches) on a green soft hackle. I hooked a few others that came off, and landed a bunch of smolts but not much else. One of my buddies, Rob, has since been back and said the fishing is steadily picking up. Small egg paterns and nymphs are working.  Also small dries like PMD's and Adams will work early in the morning and evenings if there is a hatch.

I didn't take time to research the fishing opportunities in Kansas City before I left because I knew we would be working long hours and I wouldn't have my own rental car any way.
I arrived on Sunday evening and we worked till about 5 on Monday. I decided to take a run but didn't really know where to go. I just planned on running around aimlessly for about 40 minutes or so. On my way out of the hotel the lady at the front desk asked if I wanted a map to a nice running trail. I took the map and was on my way. I was running for about 5 minutes when I realized I was running down hill to what looked like a small river or creek. Sure enough the running route she led me to was along a nice urban creek, the name of which I will keep a secret. (A promise I made to a new friend) Even though I only have 15 followers, and none of them in the KS area, a promise is a promise.
As soon as I started along the trail I saw a guy in waders releasing a fish! I couldn't believe it. I was kicking myself for not taking a rod. After taking a look at the water, I thought, "that must have been a carp" I didn't want to bother the guy so I went on my way and decided that on my way back if he was still there I would ask him what the deal is.
I checked a couple of spots and saw some nice carp along the way and then I stopped on my way back and spoke with the carp fisherman who's name I learned is Joe Ferber.

Joe was pumped about Orvis opening in town and offered to take me out the next evening. I borrowed an old 7'6" 4/5 from the store manager Mary and met Joe on Tuesday evening. He supplied me with his own pattern and we were off. I only casted to two fish before I landed my first carp, beginners luck. I didn't land the Carp on the 4/5. I got a snag and quickly took another rod in order to continue to cast to the fish without spooking it. I hooked it with an Orvis Frequent Flier, I'm not sure what weight it was, either a 6 or 7. That was fitting.