Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lower Yuba 6/18

Fished down river from hwy 20. 1800cfs. Sunny, clear, 90 degrees. Started around noon. Got two near the bridge right away on the Red Headed Stepchild. Then didn't get a grab until later in the evening. Met up with Kieth and went way down river. Hooked a few swinging a natural Birds Nest #16 and a few more on a #18 Film Critic. Really big PED and Stone Fly hatch starting around 6pm and going until dark. Hardly any caddis seen.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Drifted from hwy 20  bridge to Sycamore Ranch. Caught fish on hoppers sporadically. We fished nymphs also and didn't get anything. Used black stones, various mayfly nymphs and some caddis subsurface for nothing. Fishing was fair to good. We got a lot of looks and refusals, I think the dry fly action will get better in the next couple weeks as fish start looking up for hoppers.
Fished for stripers for a few hours in the evening. Tom caught 1 at about 19".

Cheap Beer, No Crowds....Wisconsin

Ahhhhhh....for a brief 4 days last week I was back home in Madison. We fished for bass in lake Wingra, fished for nice brown trout in the driftless, got sunburned, drank some beer, and I probably only spent $40 the whole time.  The bass were taking top water and we were one of only 3 boats on the whole lake...and we rented our little boat with a trolling motor for $25 bucks! We fished for over 5 hours! That 5 hours included me falling in the lake.
There were a few cars on one of the trout streams we fished but it was Saturday. All of the cars were from Illinois. I won't get down on trout fisherman from IL, it's probably not their fault they live in that shit hole to the south, and if I was stupid enough to move there, I would be coming to WI to fish also.
Small but ferocious