Friday, December 30, 2011

Mike's Glitter Mallows

Man I'm gonna crush the trout next time out. Got my pink Glitter Mallow and treble hooks...
What the hell is a "mallow" anyway? I've had Mallo Cups which are marsh mellows covered in chocolate and they're awesome, but trout bait?
I've used Power Bait in the past at stocked lakes with friends but this stuff is on another level. Also, notice where this shit comes from?
I can imagine some guys from Lodi talking about their day, "Hey, did ya catch any?" "oh yah, got em on da pink Mallows" "oh yah?" "Yah, some big ones too."

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Everybody Fished the Little Truckee on Wednesday

Literally every fisherman in CA was at the Little Truckee on Wednesday. Martin and I arrived at about 11am since it was a cold morning and things wouldn't get going till about then...mistake.
By the time we got there there were 10 cars in every pullout and the BWO's were flying around.
I think if we had arrived at 9 we would have been able to scope out a couple holes and be there when the first hatches started, maybe had first crack at a few fish.
We followed about 15 guys and there were only a few good holding spots for fish so they must have been getting hammered.
The weather was awesome. 55 degrees with periods of sunshine and clouds. Talked to a couple guys who caught fish on #22 midges and #18 bwo dry/emerger.

I was a little bummed about getting skunked the last fishing day of 2011 but that's fishing. Especially for me lately. It seems like for the last 2 months I've been hitting spots a day or a week late, or just getting unlucky with something or other.
I actually had a thought cross my mind after fishing for nothing for about 2 hours that maybe I really don't know what the fuck I'm doing. I pictured some guy dressed in head to toe Patagonia and Fish Pond gear with a brand new Sage One rod and a goddamn Tilley hat watching me and shaking his head. Then fishing up stream from me and sticking a big brown on his first cast. This is my nightmare. That's how low my fishing confidence has become.
Luckily every guy but 2 that I ran into didn't catch shit either, and the guys that did weren't doing anything different, they just started earlier and no one caught fish after noon.
I could take solace in the fact that I've only fished the Little Tricky once before but I hold myself to a higher standard than that. Fishin is fishin. Mostly.

I am grateful for the fresh air and the smell of sage brush; for the hatch I got to watch and the fish we saw that stone walled us. And for the simple fact that I went fishing.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Give yourself about 2 hrs to explore this awesome site

I've come across this site when searching for information on various insects but never really took the time to explore it. I'm currently 2.5 hours into the Mayfly section...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A short video from my trip to Baja in May 2010

My Lost Baja Video

Swinging Flies and Dodging Crystal Meth Addicts on the Russian River

Nothing out of the ordinary here
It's been a while since I've done any real fishing. I've been getting my fix by going down to Crissy Field and casting for surf perch but haven't had any luck.
Today I was finally able to get a few guys together and take a day trip up to the Russian where we had heard there were some nice Chromers being caught. I was excited just to get out since I had never fished the Russian.
I was surprised at how beautiful the river was. I guess I thought that since it was so close to the Bay area it would be less scenic or something.
I was also surprised at the number of people walking around some of the little towns we went through that looked like they were either homeless, on speed, drunk, or all three. The first spot we fished was called "Johnson's" I think. It was right in town and there must be a halfway house or homeless shelter right where the parking lot is because there was a bunch of guys just hanging around, clearing their throats, hacking up lungs and bullshitting with one another. I didn't catch any of their conversations. Between the coughing and the "Fuckin A's" i don't think anyone could understand anything they were saying. It was about 6am.

There were 20 guys at this first spot that were throwing spoons and various other spinning gear. We fished for nothing for about 1 1/2 hour and hit another spot down river. Nothing...Nothing all day. We were mostly swinging little Comets and Wooly Buggers.
Big Surf at the Coast

In spite of the crowds, no fish, low water, and crazy ass junkies the day was awesome. We saw an otter eat a Coot too. That was pretty rad. I felt bad for the Coot but the otter was so happy about his kill that I had to laugh. He ate the head and then went around chasing more Coots. He must really like Coot head.

Saturday, December 3, 2011