Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

North Fork and Middle Fork Stanislaus

Last weekend Orvis gave a free clinic on dry fly fishing and Nymphing on the North Fork of the Stanislaus at Boards Crossing. I have to admit, I wasn't really looking forward to getting my ass up at 4am and driving 3 hours but I was getting paid to get out on the river so I knew I couldn't complain.
There was also the promise of getting in some personal fishing later in the day so I was looking forward to that since I've been so busy lately and will be busy through the middle of September.

 I met Steve and Nathan out in the east bay and we cruised up together. This was a relief because my car is really starting to be a piece of shit, and I was looking forward to chatting with Steve and Nathan for a while. We met Mark from San Jose in Arnold and all rolled in together around 8am. There were some fish rising to tiny black midges, size 28 or so. We got everyone geared up and I gave my tight line nymphing demo. I caught two fish while giving the demo. They were little 12 inch hatchery fish but I was excited because I knew that our students would get into some fish, and they did.
I was really enjoying teaching these guys some basics of nymphing. One guy caught his first fish ever and I could tell he was trying to be modest about it but he was so damn excited he couldn't hide it. That was by far the best part of the whole day. I could tell right away that he was gonna be a life time convert to the religion. Hell yeah!!

After we stopped for lunch, Steve, Nathan, myself and this dude from England from the class Phillip went down and fished Camp 9 Road on the Middle Fork. The water was raging which I think spread the fish out. Make short story shorter, we didn't do too well. We swung streamers and nymphed all the water and hooked 5 fish between all of us. I hooked one good fish and lost it in the current and landed one smaller rainbow and Mark landed 2 lost 1.
Mine was caught on the Shaggy wire caddis, green. I don't know what Mark was using.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A quick note on Fish Porn

I love looking at pictures of fish that have been caught and released to be caught another day. I don't care how big the fish is, I'm much more interested in how the fish was caught. What was the setting, what bugs where hatching, what time of day was it, why did you decide to fish that place on that particular day, etc...what is the STORY behind that fish?
When a true "Trophy" sized fish is caught I can appreciate someone's excitement and need to show others but for me, it's kind of like when a guy scores a touchdown and does a big victory dance. Act like you've been there before.
My friends are excluded in every way from this. The above only applies to strangers.