Monday, February 27, 2012

Get your carp flies ready!

About 15 years ago a good friend and biologist told me that eventually we were just going to have to  accept the fact that native species could not survive the onslaught of invasive species being introduced. He said no matter how hard we try, it was inevitable.
He also mentioned some things about global warming and how warm water species like Carp would probably be our game fish of choice in 50 years.
I am in no way excited about the fact that as each year goes by, I am forced to accept this unattractive prognosis. However, as long as we have short sighted assholes running our government, we will continue to trash our own water, land, and atmosphere to the point of no return.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You can get high on that shit!

Dude says, "What is it about fishing that is so awesome?" Other Dude replies, "It's a hobby and a craft that you can continually perfect, it's a way of life, and, you can get high on that shit!"

Eastern Sierras for the past 3 days. East Walker and Lower Owens. East Walker was off the charts awesome. Big fish and little flies. #22-#24 Zebra midges, Brassies. #18 FBPT's. Midge emergers. The flow is only 19 CFS which is the lowest allowed by law. If you fish the E. Walker make sure you release the fish as soon as possible because there is very little oxygen in the water.

Lower Owens was good too but not as much action. It seems as though we hit it on a slow day because we had been expecting huge hatches. We had a great time swinging wooly buggers last night though. Had some BIG fish strike but didn't hook any of the monsters.
Known Bear Eater

Monday, February 13, 2012

Yuba river Skwala's and Pinky's

After a couple of weeks of no fishing due to some travel back to Wisconsin and other stuff, I was finally able to get out to the Lower Yuba today.
I fished with friend and guide Keith Scott and his son Jonah. I was also fortunate to meet Tom Page. Tom and Keith are friends and have been fishing together for a couple of years. Tom is also a guide and has been fishing the Yuba for 25 years.
Keith brought his two man pontoon and we drifted a little section, back rowed and fished the same section a few times. I had fished this section last fall but it was higher water and there weren't any good hatches on that day. Today we had an awesome hatch of Pinky's and Skwala that started around noon and ended around 3pm.
Keith's Taint
Tom hooked up quite a few times. I struggled a little and missed a few nice fish, but landed one really nice one on one of Tom's personal Skawla patterns. I didn't get any strikes or rises on the PMDs I was using. The PMD's on the Yuba are really pink (Pinky's). Tom and Keith both mentioned the fishing had been better at this spot for the past week...of course. "You should have been here yesterday!" I've come to love that statement.

Gray Drake
There were a lot of fish in the section of the river we were fishing and we saw some really big fish that we just couldn't get to take a fly. The fishing was technical and challenging which is why I continue to fish and love this river.

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