Monday, May 13, 2013

Eastern Sierras for Mothers Day

My mom came out to CA from WI and said she wanted to see some of the places that I fish. I decided to take her and my wife over to the Mammoth Lakes area. We fished the Upper Owens and Hot Creek since those two rivers are very user friendly for beginner fly casters.
Below are some pics:
 On the Upper Owens I had them fishing small wooly buggers just to get them used to dealing with the fly rod. We didn't catch any fish in about an hour of fishing so I put on a couple of nymphs, still nothing.

 Hot Creek was much better fishing. We used a dry dropper set up with most fish hitting an olive caddis emerger pattern like a spotlight caddis or an EC caddis in sizes 16-20. A few fish were hooked on the dropper which was a caddis pupa, also in olive.

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